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1) What is Ridepad?
Ridepad is 1st of its kind Indian car pool app that offers:-
a) Refer & Earn
b) Share & Earn
c) No Base Price
d) Cheapest Ride
e) Ladies Group
f) Fully Verified Ridepad Community
g) Cashless Translation
h) More You Travel …. Less You Pay
i) Live Tracking by family/friends With Pics and details of Co- Travellers
j) Members Rating.
k) 3 level income.

2) What is the eligibility criteria to join Ridepad vehicle owner?
You must be minimum 18 years of age with valid driving license with proper photo I’d and address proof submitted to Ridepad office along with it vehicles registration certificate, Pollution, Insurance copy and Photograph of vehicle with number plate.It has to be scanned and submitted to Ridepad office for approval. However Ridepad reserves the rights to decline the membership.

3) What are the eligibility criteria to join Ridepad rider?
Applicant must be minimum 18 years of age with photo Id and Address proof scanned and submited to RIDEPAD office.However RIDEPAD reserves the rights to decline the membership.

4) How long it takes to register on Ridepad app?
It takes only few minutes. Download the Ridepad app from Play Store,fulfill all the requirement to enable you to offer ride or share a ride.

5) How does Ridepad works?
RIDEPAD connects RIDEPAD Vehicles Owner/Ridepad Rider directly who are in close Vicinity and Going in similar direction. Once the ride is complete, the money automatically gets deducted from Ridepad Riders wallet as per the km travelled multiplied by the km charges fixed by the company as per the category of the vehicle. Hence Ridepad Vehicle owner and Ridepad rider are saved from the hassle of CASH EXCHANGE.

6) How does Ridepad vehicle owner earns money?
RIDEPAD Vehicle owner will get 80% of the total actual bill that was raised by offering his ride and this accumulated amount gets credited to Ridepad vehicle owner account and every Monday after deduction of TDS & 5% processing charges.

7) How does Ridepad rider charged?
RIDEPAD Rider needs to fill/recharge his Ridepad wallet using RIDEPAD Secured Payment Gateway (credit/Debit Card/Internet Banking). While making a booking Ridepad ………. The said amount as per the km booked (according to the category of vehicle booked) Will be reserved and debited from Riders wallet after the end of the Ride.

8) Requirement to become a verified user of Ridepad?
You can become member with RIDEPAD by registering your mobile number. However to become verified RIDEPAD user, you need to provide necessary Information and document as follows:
a) Profile information like name, age, address, contact Information
b) Profile picture
c) A Valid Govt. I’d proof like Adhaar card,Voter card, Pan card,Driving license,
d) A Valid e-mail I’d.

9) Can i book one way/two trip?
Yes. RIDEPAD Provide one way / two way trip as per user’s requirements.

10) Can i take my pet in Ridepad vehicle?
It depends totally on RIDEPAD Vehicle Owner.

11) Can i smoke in Ridepad vehicle?
Smoking causes the damage to not only the vehicle but also can impact the health of other’s but again it depends on vehicle owner.However RIDEPAD discourages any of such act.

12) I have different timings of travel.will it work for me?
RIDEPAD is designed to Cater the needs of one and all according to the choice of vehicle and Timing. Member Can set or change the timings/trip as per their needs. RIDEPAD offer the back End support from to 10 am to 6pm (Mon to Sat).

13) What if i cancel my travel?
There’s absolute on problem. You can cancel the published ride by clicking on the reason mentioned in the list of reason and also you can stop accepting Further request.

14) What if i left or found something in Ridepad vehicle?
You can call the member to Retrieve or Return. Ethical & Moral values are always Respected & Appreciated. However RIDEPAD is not Responsible for any loss.

15) How does Ridepad helps in reduction of pollution,diseases and congestion on roads?
As we all knows Delhi is the most polluted city of the world due to heavy vehicular moments, which causes HEAVY CONGESTION and EMMITANCE of vehicle POLLUTION which leads to various diseases like RESPIRATORY,ASTHMETIC,LUNG DISEASES etc among CHILDREN / ELDERLY, RIDEPAD Encourages to travel together which will reduce the numbers of vehicle on the road Leading to De-Congestion of roads and hence Reducing POLLUTION & DISEASES.

16) How does Ridepad comparetively to other car pool apps?
We created RIDEPAD by keeping in mind various different financial / society issues. It is created to offer a low cost, high quality solution that is better than any of its competition. Once you try our product, we are sure you will agree that why RIDEPAD is regarded as best CAR POOL APP. However RIDEPAD believes in healthy competition in order to Serve the Society.

17) Is it secure to travel with Ridepad?
OF COURSE YES. The entire members are verified and stamped. Members those who are yet to be verified are highlighted as unverified hence it depends totally on the Ridepad vehicle owner to share his/ her ride with unverified users.

18) Can my family friends track me?
Yes.They can not only track you live but also they can see the credentials of your co travelers including there pics through then link that you had send them.However its an optional to share the credentials of your Co-Travelers.

19) Is there any emergency button given on the app as per the govt.norms?
YES. There’s a SOS button given on the screen. Just touch the button in case of emergency and it gets you connected with 100 Number (POLICE).

20) As a Ridepad owner,can i navigate my journey?
Yes. You can use the state of art Ridepad guided navigation system given on RIDEPAD APP.