About Ridepad

The need for ride sharing

Whether you are the owner of a vehicle or you want to co-ride, sharing rides is the answer to the misery of chock-a-block traffic, parking woes, rising fuel costs and rise in air pollution Indian cities rank among the top 10 ‘most polluted’ cities in the world. Exhaust from vehicles is the leading cause of air pollution, and contributes towards health issues in 1 out of every 3 Indians. There is an urgent need to take control of this alarming statistics. Ride-sharing is the most sensible solution to reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and thus taming the beast of traffic from growing bigger. Ride-sharing is also an innovative way sharing the cost of traveling with others, traveling towards the same destination. Ridepad is the first App that makes ride-sharing financially lucrative, apart from making it safe, convenient and user friendly.

The Journey is the Reward. – Steve Jobs

Ridepad helps you share a ride in 3 simple steps, GET- SET-GO! Earn loyalty points for every km of ride you share. The more kilometers you share, the more you earn. Now that’s what we call a rewarding journey!